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Plant Manufacturers And Electroplaters


With expertise that boasts an unrivalled combination of professionalism, quality and skill, the approach followed is that which can only translate into excellence for our clients. Our experience in evaluating our clients’ needs and compiling appropriate solutions to address these and other issues, has only benefited our clients.

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ITS is Level 4 BBBEE
(Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) Contributor. Read more about BBBEE in the Department of Trade & Industries Booklet (408KB) or on the BBBEE's website.

Where ITS came from:

Founded 1994 in Johannesburg South Africa, as a small concern of two members, ITS has grown to an international company in a period that most companies would still be finding their feet in the local market.

Through the skills and expertise input of the two founding members, Anton (Tony) and Miya, ITS is now an international entity that export products abroad on a regular basis.

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Where ITS is now:

With a hands on and pro-active management style, the company has been able to keep pace with the vast innovations in the Plastic Engineering Industry. ITS is now well recognized and trusted for their expertise in Plastic Engineering by the Engineering fraternity both locally and internationally!

Having started with Electro Barrel and Strip Plating as an experiment of feasibility, ITS is now on the forefront of the plating industry. Each component that is plated, is inspected and verified by a quality controller to ensure that the finished product meets and exceeds predefined quality levels.

Currently, ITS specialises in Electro Barrel plating in Nickel, Electroless Nickel, Copper and Tin, as well as Strip Plating in Brass.

ITS in the future:

ITS's vision for the future is to continue to deliver a high quality service and to improve the already high level of workmanship and quality control processes.

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